Genspect is an international alliance of parent and professional groups whose aim is to advocate for parents of gender-questioning children and young people. Parents are concerned that their kids are not receiving appropriate treatment and support; many do not feel free to speak out about their concerns.
We’re not just speaking for a few. We speak for thousands.

Latest News

When Gen X parents Gen Z
A brilliant episode from Mr. Boyce. "Emily", a Genspect parent with a gender-questioning teenage boy, talks to Benjamin about attachment, …
“Homosexual heterodorkery”: Angus Fox on the Heterodorx podcast
Corinna and Nina invited Genspect's own Angus Fox onto the Heterodorx podcast, to discuss why Genspect was set up, the …
Transition in hindsight: Aaron Kimberly’s story
The following testimony was written by Genspect advisor Aaron Kimberly. We’d like to thank Aaron for being so forthcoming about …
Talking ROGD with Karen Davis of “You’re Kiddin’, Right?”
Dee sat down with Karen Davis of "You're Kiddin', Right?" to discuss her teenage daughter's sudden trans identification, with no …
Parenting and pressure, on Sasha White’s Plebity Podcast
Genspect founder Stella O'Malley talks parenting and pressure with Sasha White – herself excommunicated from the publishing world for gender …
Five moms of gender-questioning teens share uncannily similar stories
The podcast Can I Get A Witness hosted five American mothers of gender-questioning teens, all of whom suddenly identified as …
Benjamin, Claire and Angus go over the rainbow
Stalwart ally of parents Benjamin Boyce sits down with Genspect's Claire Graham and Angus Fox to discuss what's happened to …
BREAKING NEWS: Australian gender clinic follows the lead of Sweden, Finland, and the UK
Journalist Bernard Lane reports in The Australian that one Australian gender clinic will require its young patients to receive court …
“The Handsome Little Cygnet”: a beautiful antidote to a disembodied age
Genspect has come across a stunningly illustrated new children's book retelling the classic fable, "The Ugly Duckling." As our protagonist …
A compassionate mother gets a compassionate hearing
The wonderful Arty Morty has been speaking up for parents for some time – and this interview is a great …
Scott Newgent of TReVoices in conversation with Stella O’Malley
Transman Scott Newgent, founder of TReVoices (Trans Rational Educational Voices) and author of a powerful Newsweek article on the brutal …
Genspect advisor Stephanie Davies-Arai discusses mothering gender-questioning boys
Genspect advisor and founder of the UK's Transgender Trend Stephanie Davies-Arai recently hosted a Filia podcast episode in which she …

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Media & culture
We wish to open up a public dialog about the complexity of gender and identity development. We're concerned about the role the media play in guiding vulnerable youth toward a singular explanation for their distress, which inadvertently steers them down pathways to medical intervention.
We raise awareness of the lack of high-quality, peer-reviewed evidence for the current treatment path for gender-questioning young people, and advocate for better quality research. We are acutely aware of the profound uncertainty and significant risks of medical interventions that will impact our children for the rest of their lives.
We recognize the need for young people to be free to explore all aspects of their gender, sexual orientation and identity formation. We encourage educational establishments to maintain an open and supportive environment based on the principles of informed safeguarding. We emphasize the vital role that parents play in their children’s well-being.
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A lot of parents worry about the undue influence of gender theory on educational and medical institutions working with young people. For many parents, this is not a philosophical debate: their children have been very badly impacted by the denial of the significance of biological sex, promoted by gender theory.
At best, this unscientific stance is reinforcing regressive sex stereotypes and eroding female safe spaces. At worst, it’s guiding some of the most vulnerable towards medically and surgically altering their bodies. We’re campaigning for informed decisions that prioritize long-term health.

We want to provide a platform for a more honest and open conversation.

Need help right now? Check out our lists of parent support groups, helpful organizations, and other useful links, including books, papers, articles, podcasts and documentaries. You don’t have to go through this journey alone.

What we do

Write and ghost-write

We compose articles to appear in the press, articulating parents’ concerns and telling parents’ stories.

Book media events

We book TV and radio interviewers and podcasts, so parents’ voices can be heard by the wider public.

Create graphics

We create fresh, engaging graphics and animations, presenting the issues of gender-questioning young people in an accessible way.

Broadcast interviews

We broadcast our own exclusive content, giving you a chance to hear from the people making the news in their own words.

Lobby decision-makers

We lobby politicians, journalists, clinicians and educators, helping them understand the complexity of identity development.

Host webinars

We offer webinars for parents, where they can share ideas with some of the world’s leading specialists in gender.

Connect people

We generate working relationships between parents and clinicians, helping connect the science to the real stories.

Build a movement

We unite thousands of parents from hundreds of disparate support groups, so that they can speak with one voice.


There are thousands of parents whose children are questioning their gender. Many of these mothers and fathers just don’t believe their kids are getting the right information. In other cases, young people have come to identify once again with their biological sex: parents want those stories to be heard, too. Our parent testimonials share a handful of these stories.


Genspect is uniting parent groups from all around the world. The money we raise will help us to run campaigns and meet our overheads, so we can work to get these families’ stories into the mainstream media. We’re officially angry, and it’s time for us to act. Help us to help you.