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Genspect is an international alliance of professional groups, parent groups, and others who advocate for a rational and informed approach to gender issues.

Across the world, clinicians and other professionals have serious misgivings about the “affirmative” approach. Parents are concerned that their kids are not receiving appropriate treatment and support. And many trans and detrans people share these fears, believing that a better model of care is possible.

Genspect unites these voices. We represent 19 different organizations in 17 different countries. We’re not just speaking for a few: we speak for thousands.

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Have something to say? Email [email protected] and your story could appear below. Whether you’re a parent, detransitioner, clinician, educator or simply someone with an interesting take on all things gender, we’d love to hear from you!

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We wish to open up a public dialog about the complexity of gender and identity development. We're concerned about the role the media play in guiding vulnerable youth toward a singular explanation for their distress, which inadvertently steers them down pathways to medical intervention.
We raise awareness of the lack of high-quality, peer-reviewed evidence for the current treatment path for gender-questioning young people, and advocate for better quality research. We are acutely aware of the profound uncertainty and significant risks of medical interventions that will impact our children for the rest of their lives.
We recognize the need for young people to be free to explore all aspects of their gender, sexual orientation and identity formation. We encourage educational establishments to maintain an open and supportive environment based on the principles of informed safeguarding. We emphasize the vital role that parents play in their children’s well-being.
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A lot of parents worry about the undue influence of gender theory on educational and medical institutions working with young people. For many parents, this is not a philosophical debate: their children have been very badly impacted by the denial of the significance of biological sex, promoted by gender theory.
At best, this unscientific stance is reinforcing regressive sex stereotypes and eroding female safe spaces. At worst, it’s guiding some of the most vulnerable towards medically and surgically altering their bodies. We’re campaigning for informed decisions that prioritize long-term health.

We want to provide a platform for a more honest and open conversation.

We are funded via our public fundraiser, and from private contributions, all of which come from parents with gender-questioning kids. We are committed to protecting the identities of all parents we work with, unless they choose to waive the right to their own anonymity.

What we do:


There are thousands of parents whose children are questioning their gender. Many of these mothers and fathers just don’t believe their kids are getting the right information. In other cases, young people have come to identify once again with their biological sex: parents want those stories to be heard, too. Our parent testimonials share a handful of these stories.


Genspect is uniting parent groups from all around the world. The money we raise will help us to run campaigns and meet our overheads, so we can work to get these families’ stories into the mainstream media. We’re officially angry, and it’s time for us to act. Help us to help you.

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