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Our focus


Across the world, clinicians, teachers, journalists, and other professionals seek the best support for gender-questioning children. We provide a space where respectful discussion of gender issues is encouraged, and we welcome trans people, detrans people, parents, and professionals who believe that a better way is possible.


Kids thrive best in open and supportive environments, with their parents included in decision-making wherever possible. They should be free to explore all aspects of their gender, sexual orientation and identity formation, without making permanent decisions. No-one is just a walking gender identity: we’re all far more complex than that.


We closely examine the role that the healthcare, media and educational establishments play in guiding vulnerable youth toward a singular explanation for their distress. We believe there are many routes into gender dysphoria – and many routes out.


Biological sex is real. The world works better when we use accurate information and terminology. We emphasis long-term health, and we push back against regressive sex stereotypes. There’s no right or wrong way to be a boy or a girl.


We are funded via our public fundraiser, and from private contributions from supporters of our work. We are committed to protecting the identities of everyone we work with, unless they choose to waive the right to their own anonymity. We are also committed to the principles of informed safeguarding and child protection.


We want to provide a platform for a more honest and open conversation at every level of society. We believe that it’s time for a genuine public dialogue about the complexity of gender, sexuality, and identity development – a dialogue where every voice can be heard.

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