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🇬🇧 GB News: Let’s Talk Conversion Therapy

As the UK government prepares to ban conversion therapy, it’s still not clear what this could mean for young gender-questioning people. If the legislation does little to distinguish sexual orientation from gender identity, many clinicians, parents and detransitioners worry that exploratory therapy will be stymied.

Two Genspect representatives shared their fears on GB News, a national TV network in the UK. First up was detransitioned woman and Genspect advisor Sinéad Watson:

Sinéad was followed by Jessica Fishburn, a Genspect parent whose son, now 23, is undergoing medical transition:

We’re proud of our role in bringing these two very different perspectives to a larger audience — and deeply grateful to both Sinéad and Jessica for their powerful testimonies.

🇬🇧 GB News: CBBC accused of one-sided coverage on trans issues

Genspect founder Stella O’Malley:

The reason we set up Genspect is that so many parents were coming to different parent groups, all over the world, and they were all saying the same thing: that they were unhappy with the medical treatment they were receiving and the therapeutic treatment that their children were receiving. […] Why don’t we look at this through a wider perspective, so we can help you in your entirety? Rather than just thinking, all you are is a walking gender identity and there’s nothing else to you. Because most people are much more than that, and much wider than that.

Kudos to Dewbs & Co. It’s great to see a TV network taking parents’ concerns seriously.

🇦🇺 Sky News Australia: Around 80 per cent of children with gender issues grow out of them

Speaking of her recent experiences with families, Stella says:

An awful lot of parents have contacted me over the years since 2018, always saying the same thing. From everywhere: from Australia, from America, from Canada, from France, from Switzerland, the UK, Sweden, Norway. All saying that they are very concerned about their children […] their children often have autism, ADHD […]

They felt that these children, who were very vulnerable in the first place, weren’t receiving the appropriate medical care, and they weren’t receiving proper psychotherapeutic exploration. Instead, they were being affirmed, and they were being fast-tracked down a very medicalised pathway — unnecessarily.

🇦🇺 Sky News Australia: Medical profession needs to be ‘properly regulated’ on transgenderism and children

Recalling his confidential conversation with one Genspect parent, host Rowan Dean pulled no punches:

I spoke to one Australian mum this week who told me the heartbreaking story about her daughter, who has a long history of mental health issues, who fell in with one of these transgender organizations — the mum describes it as worse than a cult — who convinced the girl the answer to all her problems was to turn into a boy. And all the way along, the mum was sneered at by the medical profession for questioning the process.

This is a disgrace. The family has been torn apart. The mum has been ostracized from her daughter, now supposedly her son. And when the mum spoke to one surgeon — this will sicken you — he admitted that ten years ago he would never have “chopped a girl’s breasts off but now it is all too common.”

This is out of control. We need a national inquiry to determine that the medical profession is properly regulated when it comes to transgenderism and our children. Scott Morrison, Greg Hunt: get onto it, right now.

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