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Your support has already enabled us to:

  • Host webinars for parents, detransitioners and professionals, creating a chance to share ideas with some of the world’s leading specialists in gender.
  • Publish guidance notes, helping parents and professionals navigate the complexities of dealing with gender-questioning young people.
  • Create fresh, engaging graphics and videos, presenting the issues of gender-questioning young people in an accessible way.
  • Broadcast our own exclusive content, giving you a chance to hear from the people making the news in their own words.
  • Write and ghost-write articles to appear in the press, articulating the concerns we have an advocating for a more rational approach than the current “affirmative” model.
  • Book TV and radio interviewers and podcasts, so parents’ and detransitioners’ voices can be heard by the wider public.
  • Develop statistical resources, making rigorous peer-reviewed research accessible to the wider public.
  • Generate working relationships with clinicians, helping connect the science to the real stories.
  • Lobby politicians, journalists, clinicians and educators, helping them understand the complexity of identity development.
  • Unite thousands of people from across the world, so that their voice is more powerful.
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