2021: Year in Review

Genspect was launched in June 2021 – and what a year it has been! In less than six months, Genspect has had a global impact as a voice for parents of gender-questioning young people.

Here are just a few highlights of what Genspect has accomplished in the last half year:

-Hosted the world’s first conference devoted to the topic of ROGD with keynote speakers including Dr. David Bell and Dr. Lisa Littman

-Launched Stats for Gender, with gender statistics and research at your fingertips

The topics that StatsforGender.org covers

-Wrote guidance booklets for parents to share with schools, doctors, mental health practitioners, and others

Advocates for parents around the world by acting as a liaison with schools, clinicians, and others

-Regularly publishes relevant news, summaries, and research from around the world on the topic of gender-questioning kids and young people, including original interviews (like with the California parent who attended the recent teacher convention and the lawyer representing parents in Wisconsin)

-Co-sponsors the popular podcast Gender: A Wider Lens, a deep dive into a psychological exploration of body, mind, identity, culture, and psyche through the lens of gender

-Worked with a school in Rhondda Cynon Taf to help them understand the realities of social transition, resulting in the entire local authority area revisiting its “Trans Toolkit”, impacting thousands of kids

-Created Genspect Unheard and partnered with PITT, to help amplify parent perspectives

26 stories…and counting

-Garnered media coverage in the Washington Post, the Mail, the Times (UK), Yahoo News, the Australian, the Irish Times, and much more

-Communicated with governments around the world on relevant issues, including New Zealand, Ireland, Canada, and more

-For schools in jurisdictions which require them to use teaching materials mentioning gender, we launched the Gender Giraffes, helping educators and others teach young kids in a scientifically accurate way

Thank you all who donated both time and money to Genspect, which allowed us to make such significant strides in opening up the conversation about gender-questioning young people and their parents.

Genspect has big plans for 2022. Please help make those plans a reality, thereby ensuring parents of gender-questioning young people have a voice and are armed with the most up-to-date, evidence-based, and relevant information.

Please donate to Genspect.

Thank you and all the best of the holiday season!

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