Genspect founder Stella O’Malley quoted in the Australian

After last week’s bombshell whistleblowing by WPATH members Marci Bowers, Erica Anderson, and Laura Leepers-Edwards, the Australian’s Bernard Lane interviewed Genspect founder Stella O’Malley for his piece Top trans doctors admit youth gender clinic concerns:

Psychotherapist Stella O’Malley, founder of an international parents’ group, Genspect, which opposes the dogmatic “affirmation-only” approach, told The Australian: “The big names associated with this vast experiment seem to be re-positioning themselves from being fervent advocates to now seeking caution — sadly for thousands of families this is too little, too late.”

-Bernard Lane

Roberto D’Angelo, a Genspect advisor, was also quoted:

[I]f social influence was pushing up patient numbers, “the rates of regret in this group will be high.”

Lane finishes his piece by noting:

The RCH [Royal Children’s HOspital Melbourne] treatment guidelines were updated last year, amid international publicity about regretful young “detransitioners,” but the document is still silent on detransition and the possible role of social contagion.

RCH did not reply to a request for comment but has previously said its gender clinic relied on “the best available medical evidence” and followed “strict clinical governance standards,” 

Read the whole article here (please note it is behind a paywall).

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