Thousands of parents from all across the world feel dismissed and disregarded by the many professionals interacting with their kids.

That’s why Genspect created our Parent Advocacy Program. We liaise with professionals on parents’ behalf — from teachers and school counselors to therapists, pediatricians, mental health workers and other clinicians.
Working to represent your interests, we will get in contact — in writing or in person — with professionals to inform, educate, ask questions, and put forward a different point of view about how best to support gender-questioning youth.
If you get in touch with us to tell us about your situation, we will respond with a suggested plan of how to proceed should you require our intervention. If you choose to go ahead with the advocacy strategy that we suggest, there will be a small fee to cover our costs, which will depend on the amount of time we spend. However, if you are in financial difficulty, please let us know, and this service will be free. Lack of funds will not stop Genspect providing parents with support.
If you’d like to find out more about this service, please email us by clicking the button below, telling us about your situation and the professionals with whom you’d us to make contact.

In liaison with Phoenix Publishing, we’re offering you the chance to purchase a copy of Marcus and Sue Evans’ book, “Gender Dysphoria: A Therapeutic Model for Working with Children, Adolescents and Young Adults”, and have it sent to a clinician or practitioner you’re in contact with.

We’ll also include a cover letter from Genspect, giving an overview of the book and why we believe it is useful to clinicians.

This service costs a total of US$40 per book, including postage and packaging, and is available anywhere in the world.

To take part in this program, use the button below to place an order by email, following these steps:

  • Please provide your name, as it is associated with your PayPal account. Genspect will keep this information entirely confidential.
  • Indicate the number of books you’d like to purchase.
  • Provide an addressee for each book you wish to order, and indicate how you know this person. (For example, you might say “my daughter’s therapist”.) This must be a clinician, practitioner or school counsellor with whom you have been in contact.
  • For each addressee, please give us a street address. The address must be information which is in the public domain — i.e. the address of a clinical or therapeutic practice. We can only send books to public addresses. 
  • Genspect will send you a confirmation email, including instructions of the amount to be paid, and PayPal details with which to make the payment.
  • Only one copy of the Evans’ book will be sent to each recipient. If Genspect has already sent a particular clinician, practitioner or school counsellor a copy of the book, you’ll be informed, and your order request will be adjusted accordingly.
  • Once Genspect receives the payment, we will coordinate the shipping of the books.

We strongly recommend that parents send an email to each addressee, informing them that the book has been purchased for their use. This is the most appropriate and trustworthy way to reach out to clinicians and for effective work to take place.

However, in the rare circumstances where parents do not feel able to do this, the addressee will not receive any information about the sender. In all cases, the publisher will hold no details about the purchaser of the book.

Please see our privacy policy for more details on how we store information.

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