Parent Advocacy

Thousands of parents from all across the world feel dismissed and disregarded by the professionals interacting with their kids.

That’s why Genspect created our Parent Advocacy Programme. We liaise with professionals on parents’ behalf — from teachers and school counsellors to therapists, paediatricians, mental health workers and other clinicians.

Working to represent your interests, we will get in contact — in writing or in person — with professionals to inform, educate, ask questions, and put forward a different point of view about how best to support gender-questioning youth.

If you get in touch with us to tell us about your situation, we will respond with a suggested plan of how to proceed should you require our intervention. If you choose to go ahead with the advocacy strategy that we suggest, there will be a small fee to cover our costs, which will depend on the amount of time we spend. However, if you are in financial difficulty, please let us know, and this service will be free. Lack of funds will never stop Genspect providing parents with support.

If you’d like to find out more about this service, please email us by clicking the button below, telling us about your situation and the professionals you’d like us to contact.


Dr. Kate has been a lifeline for me. She is a deep listener, a helpful guide and a collaborative problem solver — and sometimes most importantly, a cheerleader. After months of feeling like I was swimming upstream, working with Kate made me feel like I finally had someone on my side. Someone who understood and was willing to do whatever she could to help. She has helped me make informed choices with the medical system and navigate tough situations at school. I am grateful just knowing that she is out there in the world working so hard to help ROGD kids.

– H., a mother in the United States

One of the main struggles we have had, dealing with our daughter’s distress between her biological sex and the way she perceives herself, leading to her self-identification, is that her school has handled it in a very reckless manner and serious safeguarding failures have occurred. Our daughter’s school allowed her to socially transition without parental consent or knowledge.

We have had incredible support from Genspect and that’s how Kate was introduced to us to be our advocate. As Kate is a qualified doctor, we knew her knowledge would play a significant role when explaining to the school governors our concerns regarding the safeguarding failures we had with our daughter’s school. 

Having Kate fighting our corner on the day we were in front of the school governors was extremely important as she had the opportunity to explain to them what Gender Dysphoria is and why it was so important to maintain a neutral approach in these cases – as well as explaining why it was important to always involve parents. Having someone like Kate in the complicated and stressful situation we are dealing with – well, we just couldn’t ask for more! 

– A. & J., parents in the United Kingdom

Kate has a calming influence during meetings, which I found to be not only supportive but reassuring. She listened to our questions and offered advice for now and the future too. It’s such an unsettling time for myself and my child, Kate was just the person we all needed with the right advice at the right time.

– J., a father in the United Kingdom

I can’t say enough about Genspect and the invaluable work you do on behalf of parents who are dealing with the torturous situation of trying to navigate ROGD in an affirmation-only world. Genspect offers a voice of reason, credible information, and a constant and reliable wellspring of support and encouragement to parents who are weary from swimming against the tide. You are a refreshing and much-needed antidote to the insanity that surrounds us. 

Since my daughter announced a transgender identity nearly 2 years ago, my husband and I had become accustomed to being marginalized, condescended, and disregarded by both the healthcare system and our public school system. We felt defeated. However, with the help of our highly dedicated, knowledgeable, and endlessly compassionate Genspect advocate Kate, my husband and I found the strength and resources to reclaim our role as parents and trust that we know our child. This empowered us to fight our school district to use our daughter’s birth name and biological pronouns. What an amazing victory!

Genspect’s tireless work and advocacy has also opened our eyes to other helpful resources and connected us with likeminded parents—and there are many. Knowing we are not alone in this exhausting battle gives us hope that things may yet change for our daughter against all odds. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the important, selfless, and challenging work you are doing!

– S., a mother in the United States

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