‘You had me at underdog’: How the Left fell for Big Pharma

A week ago today, the UK’s largest public sector union, UNISON, roared with one voice: “trans women are women, trans men are men, non-binary people are valid”. A motion, entitled ‘Trans Equality – Louder and Prouder!’ was conclusively passed at the UNISON local government conference. Sincere gender critical campaigners, some of whom are firmly ensconced on …

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Why Genspect talks to everyone

I grew up learning about censorship. It bored me to tears at the time; however, I couldn’t help but learn about it. It was on the nine o’clock news every single night.  My first introduction to politics was that there were IRA (Irish Republican Army) men in the North of Ireland who were slowly starving …

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The politics of Genspect

Here comes the boilerplate text you’re probably expecting: Genspect has no party-political affiliation. We welcome liberals and conservatives, libertarians and social democrats. Whether it’s the parents we represent or our core team itself, we vote this way and that way: left and right; blue, red, and other colors besides. It’s true that there are certain …

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