Stonewall:  A Friend with Benefits?

Written by Genspect parent Derek Duval. (Allez ici pour une version française.)

On October 13, 2021, the BBC released Stonewall, a riveting and critically important exposé created by Nolan Investigates. Over the course of 10 episodes and more than six hours of content, a picture emerges of how a private lobbyist group like Stonewall could become so influential so quickly all over the UK and within its most venerable institutions.

Stephen Nolan’s team of investigative journalists seeks to answer this fundamental question:  How could organizations like the BBC and Ofcom (the UK communications regulator), governments like Scotland, and schools all over the UK allow any outside organization, regardless of its focus or agenda, to influence coverage priorities and present ideology as fact? 

It is frequently jaw dropping — you will hear how the Scottish government paid Stonewall to lobby itself, how the BBC’s supposedly impartial LGBT correspondent was moonlighting for Stonewall, and how whistleblowing medical professionals with serious concerns were frozen out by campaigns of intimidation.”

Gareth Roberts on Unherd

In episode 5 of the podcast, Nolan interviews Dr. David Bell, the first high-profile figure to speak out about the troubling willingness of the NHS to perform experimental medicine on an unstudied new cohort of vulnerable adolescents claiming trans identities. 

“People think this is to do with not discriminating against trans people, whereas I think it is a completely separate matter.   And I think the attempt to write it into the same history as homophobia and discrimination against gay and lesbian people is quite willful, and I think it causes considerable confusion.” 

— Dr. David Bell, Stonewall, Ep. 5, 38:44

Adding to the complexity of this confluence of social, political, ideological, medical, and developmental forces is Nolan’s illumination of the fractures between the LBG and T.  As the transgender ideology and possible homophobia that has dominated Stonewall’s agenda for the past half decade quickly deviates from the LGB’s community’s values, Stonewall is alienating many gay people who feel their long-fought battle for equality, respect, and increased acceptance has been co-opted and transformed into something they barely recognize and do not support; thus, the LGB community has begun to organize its own new groups to counterbalance Stonewall’s monopoly in representation and viewpoint. The investigative journalists note that Stonewall and its wide-reaching influence have “redefined homosexuality to make it more about gender than sex, right at the heart of this whole debate.”

In terms of the BBC, while championing acceptance and openness for the LGBT community, a culture emerged within the public broadcaster in which questioning Stonewall’s agenda was taboo. The very news organization that prides itself on objectivity, truth, and nuance was self-censoring news stories as well as journalists’ internal discussions that challenged whether gender identity theory was science or a social agenda.  Nolan’s documentary exposes how Stonewall influenced the BBC to report on “gender identity” in a way that essentially affirmed it as established fact and brooked no dissent. 

While credit is due to the BBC for reporting on itself, on balance the concerns raised by Nolan (and the fact that the BBC and Stonewall refused all requests to speak with him) leave more questions than answers.  Does this signal the BBC returning to the integrity and transparency that have underpinned its reputation as the world’s most trustworthy and unbiased news source for decades?  Or will the BBC meet Nolan’s prescient and legitimate questions with yet more stonewalling? 

Whatever the BBC decides to do – and we hope it’s not to hide behind the “wall” – this groundbreaking piece of investigative journalism will embolden the British people to push back against Stonewall’s agenda: LGB people who are being wrongly accused of bigotry, watchdogs that keep the media balanced and governments aware of their responsibilities to all, and parents who can now resist schools that are teaching gender ideology as fact to their children and are being part of the influence toward skyrocketing rates of medical transition.

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