Genspect advisor Stephanie Davies-Arai discusses mothering gender-questioning boys

Genspect advisor and founder of the UK’s Transgender Trend Stephanie Davies-Arai recently hosted a Filia podcast episode in which she interviewed two mothers about their experiences mothering their gender-questioning sons. Emily and Marie explained the challenges of navigating the mental health and medical fields in trying to get the best care for their boys. In Marie’s case, it was particularly difficult to find a therapist who did not automatically affirm her son’s sudden gender dysphoria while taking into account his autism and history of taking on different personae.

Genspect advisor Stephanie Davies-Arai of Transgender Trend

They delved into the specifics of motherhood and how mothers are often held responsible – whether rightly or wrongly – for all of their children’s behaviors, and also how feminism has focused much more on gender-dysphoric girls rather than boys. Emily and Marie maintained that boys are also victims in terms of trying to adhere to unrealistic and idealistic expectations of manhood and masculinity. Additionally, there was much talk about the impact of the internet, gaming, and social media on young people and gender identity as well as highlighting the need for the feminist movement to take such mothers of sons under their umbrella.

The trio finished the discussion with a word to the wise: For parents with children under the age of 15 or so, they recommended severely limiting children’s consumption of the online world and not just encouraging but if need be forcing kids to be in the physical world, playing outside and with other real live people.

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