Genspect hosts several events per year. These online conferences take on the big topics of the day, and are always free to attend for anyone in financial difficulties.

You can watch our latest events below, or by visiting our YouTube channel. To make sure you don’t miss out, join Genspect via the link below: you’ll receive email alerts telling you about any upcoming events we have planned.

Genspect College Symposium

On April 8th, 2022, Genspect hosted a college symposium for North America. We invited professionals from campus LGBTQ health centers across America and Canada, offering them a chance to learn more about gender in emerging adults.

The results were surprising – and heartening! Two in three of our audience members agreed that they had seen signs of ROGD (Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria) on campus, putting paid to the tired myth that “ROGD is pseudoscience”. And our attendees responded very positively to our diverse range of speakers, who mixed personal experience with professional expertise.

Check out the segments in the playlist below to find out more. We’ll be running more of these events in the coming months, so please don’t forget to join us and sign up to our social media so you don’t miss out.


On Saturday March 12, 2022, Genspect hosted a webinar for Detrans Awareness Day. We handed the mic to detransitioners, so they could tell their own stories. No rules. No filters. No holds barred.

The detransitioner community is growing fast, as more and more young people realize they received inadequate healthcare. Our brave guests spoke out about their own treatment pathways, what they’ve learned about the gender healthcare industry, and what they’ve learned about themselves.

We’re very grateful to our wonderful guests for helping to make this event happen. Please take the time to watch their testimonies, below.


0:00:00 – Introduction

0:04:00 – Helena: “Trans, Tumblr and fandom”

0:40:28 – Panel discussion: “Detrans 101: What you need to know”

1:10:56 – Allie: “The autism angle”

1:47:23 – Carol: “Butch lesbians and transgender identities”

2:23:00 – Laura: “Trauma, transition and detransition”

2:31:30 – Panel discussion: “Different for boys”

3:15:55 – Michelle: “How health professionals are failing detransitioners”

3:55:30 – Sinéad: “You are not broken”

4:16:07 – Cat: “Losing my voice”

4:22:44 – Panel discussion and audience Q&A

4:53:27 – Keira: “What detransitioners need”

ROGD: What we know & what we’re learning

On November the 20th, Genspect held a conference on Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, or ‘ROGD’.

This event united groundbreaking professionals at the heart of the debate around gender: Dr. David Bell, ex-governor at the UK’s Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust; Dr. Lisa Littman, author of the seminal 2018 study on ROGD; and Genspect’s founder, psychotherapist and bestselling author Stella O’Malley.

As well as sharing the expertise of these professionals, this webinar also included a powerful contribution from a parent campaigner who is working to raise awareness about ROGD.


0:00:00 — Introduction

0:03:15 — Stella O’Malley, psychotherapist & author — ‘How Clinicians Work with ROGD’

0:45:30 — Jude, a parent campaigner — ‘From Theory to Reality: When ROGD Hits Your Family’

1:15:50 — Dr David Bell, Former Consultant Psychiatrist, Ex-Governor at Tavistock & Portman NHS Trust — ‘First Do No Harm’

1:57:00 — Dr Lisa Littman, Public Health Researcher — ‘Psychosocial Factors & Gender Dysphoria’

2:40:10 — Questions from the audience

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