BREAKING: California parents sue school

A California mother has brought a case against her daughter’s school because teachers not only hid her daughter’s trans identification from her, but also actively encouraged the middle schooler to do so, according to the lawsuit. Perhaps not coincidentally, the school district – Spreckels Union School District – is the same one that Abigail Shrier reported on toward the end of 2021.

From the Liberty Center’s press release:

“Teachers encouraged Jessica Konen’s daughter to change her name to a boy’s name as an expression of her new identity and specifically instructed her not to tell her mother about her new identity because her mother couldn’t be ‘trusted.’

Then, they gave her articles—and required her to read them—on how to hide her transgenderism from her mother. Still without [the mother’s] knowledge, teachers and administrators created a “Gender Support Plan” instructing faculty to refer to her daughter by a new name, male pronouns, and to let her use the unisex teachers’ restroom.”

The release notes that American parents have “the right to direct the upbringing and education of their children,” according to Supreme Court rulings.

More information to come as it is known.

Image credit: Roberto Nickson, Pexels

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