The Reason We Learn tackles ROGD

The education channel The Reason We Learn, hosted by mom and former teacher Deb Fillman interviewed four Genspect parents to talk about their children’s experiences with ROGD.

Claire spoke first about her awkward son, whose friend also identified as trans and is considering taking hormones. Dee talked next about the quick evolution of her daughter from bisexual to lesbian to trans, who experienced adoptive trauma and was also influenced by friends. Peavy is a California educator who received trans training through her work but noted that the training is now infused with unproven gender ideology and saw why it didn’t make sense when her own daughter suddenly identified as trans in a friend cluster. Glen closed out the quartet by relating how his son came out as suddenly trans, was supported by the schools, and then with parental pushback completely and happily desisted, all within a span of six months.

All the parents spoke about how difficult it was to deal with their children’s schools. Most schools keep a child’s trans identification hidden from parents if the child requests it. However, if a parent finds out and confronts the school, the school will hire lawyers under the pretense of whether the parent is violating the minor’s civil rights.

Parental rights and authority are being eroded right under our noses and affecting families across the political spectrum. Thank you to these Genspect parents and Deb Fillman of The Reason We Learn for helping to bring these sensitive issues to light.

Watch the whole interview here.

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