The Boyce of Reason discusses gender, parenting, autism, and education

Benjamin Boyce recently spoke with several parents, educators, and young people about gender issues.

In his Gender & Autism episode, Boyce spoke with father Raphael and his son Ash. Raphael and Ash started their story in the middle, the moment Ash declared to his parents that he was transgender. Raphael pointed out the beginning is childhood, in which Ash recontextualized his memories.

Ash, who is gender non-conforming, talked openly about the bullying he received at the beginning of high school, his on-and-off cutting, his sensory sensitivity, his aversion to toxic masculinity, his discomfort with girls, and the role the internet played in his identity formation. It turned out that in addition to be gifted mathematically and gay, he has high-functioning autism, finally diagnosed by a specialist.

In his Gender Indoctrination and Public Schools episode, Boyce interviews an educator from California who wants to raise awareness of what is really happening in schools. About a decade ago, Peavy noticed the incorporation of gender into the sex education curriculum, and five years ago she participated in a school board training where she was introduced to the “genderbread person.”

When her own daughter came to her at age 13 saying she was trans, Peavy explored what that really meant by comparing her to her two older brothers. In the end, she realized it was really a rejection of being a girl, rather than wanting to be a boy. That’s when Peavy realized the extent that gender ideology has permeated schools and contributed to the exploding numbers of young people identifying as gender variant.

She offers concrete advice to parents to be aware of what is happening (including schools hiding children’s decisions regarding names and pronouns), to ask to see any curriculum related to gender, and to proactively talk to teachers.

Thanks to Raphael, Ash, and Peavy for their willingness to discuss so openly these very private issues for the benefit of others, and thank you to Benjamin Boyce for continuing to amplify such voices.

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