Rescuing Brian: A Father’s Testimony

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My story has a happy ending, and I’m relating it in the hope that it may help parents who similarly face the prospect of losing their child to the transgender cult.

The most important thing to remember, before the first sign, is that you know your child better than anyone; better than teachers, counselors and so-called experts. You must also know that a swarm of transgender activists are recruiting your impressionable child and encouraging him or her in what they present as a brave and noble undertaking. Any outrageous, sudden change in your children’s nature which conflicts with what you know to be their true nature must be suspected as resulting from the influence of these activists. Act immediately. Don’t tolerate it for a second. The worst thing you can do is to take advice from indoctrinated teachers and counselors.

I know my son better than anyone. He was a junior Casanova since the 4th grade, and the captain on his hockey and football teams. In the middle of the 8th grade, circumstances required us to move him to the first public school he ever attended. He had a difficult adjustment except in one regard: The new school presented him with the opportunity to meet new girls! This, he did. One of them asked him to attend after-school meetings of her GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance) club.

I had been following this movement intently and was acutely aware of the potential, but over two months his behavior in this regard did not change. I remained concerned about his general adjustment to the new school, and about his decision to stop playing sports. I had no qualms about him attending the club as it was clearly (I know my son) a way to interact with girls.

He sometimes brought home written materials distributed by outside speakers who spoke to the club. This material was troubling. It included flyers advocating lifestyle changes and participation in activist marches. A business card handed to the kids by an adult speaker from an outside activist organization encouraged them to call a given number for “confidential gender and sexuality counseling.” My son did not hide this material, and never mentioned anything on the topic. His behavior remained unchanged, but I was worried about its potential effect.

One day, after he had gotten home from a club meeting, my wife came to me while I was working upstairs. “You’re not going to believe this”, she said. “Brian just told me he’s not a boy.”

“Was he joking?” I said.

“No”, she said. ”I thought he was, but he got mad when I said so. He said I don’t accept him for who he is.”

I knew three things. One, I knew my son. Two, I knew he had been indoctrinated. Three, I knew I was not for one second going to indulge a fantasy which if left unchecked threatened his future. I confronted him in the basement.

“What is this thing you told your mother?” I asked. He was quiet, and angry.

“What do you mean you’re not a boy?” I asked.

“I knew you wouldn’t accept me for who I really am”, he said. I knew he had imbibed the talking points. He explained to me that he was “gender fluid.” I confronted him with the materials he had brought home and with my knowledge that he was being indoctrinated by people who did not have his interest at heart. I told him that I did indeed accept who he really was, and that I knew who he really was, and that he did, too. He threw a pencil across the room and cursed me. I let him know that I was the one person who knew him best, and that I was not going to let others take him away from me and from the person I knew him to be.

He continued to attend the club, and though his behavior and mannerisms never changed, he was continually angry, like the rest of his new friends. He was fighting me, and when coming home from a club meeting would do things which were out of character and clearly the influence of the club. One day, he came home wearing mascara. Another time, he came home wearing nail polish. Another time, he came home wearing one of his mother’s shirts. I confronted him immediately each time. We hid his mother’s make-up. They were not going to take my son away from me or from his true self.

One thing that never changed was his interest in girls. He always had a girlfriend, but the new ones were part of the club. One day, he told me that he had a boyfriend named Daniel. I didn’t believe him, because I know him. “Does Daniel have a vagina?”, I asked. He became angry, but admitted that Daniel was a girl who “identified” as a boy. Shortly thereafter, he told me that Daniel was no longer a boy, but an “otherkin”, which is not a person at all but an animal.

The club and its angry members consumed his energy. He watched YouTube videos of blue-haired activists and was constantly texting with other club members. I blocked the internet and took away his cell phone. He had to talk to them on the home phone. I always knew when he was talking to them because it was obvious that the person on the line was angry and miserable. He didn’t even seem to enjoy the conversations and seemed anxious to hang up.

He had always been an A student, but he stopped doing schoolwork and was failing all his classes. I had numerous conferences with teachers, none of whom seemed to know what was going on. I met with an assistant principal and explained the effect that the GSA club was having on his life. The principal knew my son a bit and was surprised at the things I told him. He began to cry and told me how sorry he was that my son had been living a lie all these years by identifying as a boy. I assured him that he does not know my son.

I knew I had to get him out of this school and away from the people who were influencing him. I determined to move away and finish the school year far away from this influence. I worked from home so moving wasn’t an issue. I began searching for homes in another state where several relatives live. It was rural and I expected a more traditional environment. When researching schools in this area I found that all of them had a GSA or LGBT club which was prominently featured on the schools’ websites, advertising all the activist parades and activities that I was trying to leave behind. I had to stay. We made it through the school year but he had to attend summer school to pass all the classes he failed.

Through it all, our relationship was strained and often acrimonious, but I was very clear with him that I knew who he was and that I would never submit to allowing him to become someone who he is not. Over the summer, away from the club and the people who led him on this path, he began to reconsider it all. His natural demeanor began to return and he became much closer to me. I never brought up these topics, but he sometimes remarked that he understood my position and knew that I acted out of genuine love for him. He began to appear thankful.

Although at the beginning of 9th grade he continued to attend the club at times, he soon wearied of it and the constant histrionics associated with it. He remained friendly with the people he had met, but in one instance tried to counsel a friend against the transgender path that he felt she was pursuing. This was none of my business, I told him. He was my business. He laughed.

Years later he is on a healthy path, our relationship is great, and his future protected. Recently, after graduating army boot camp, he told me, “Dad, you’re the toughest son of a bitch I ever met, and I’m thankful every day for it.”

Many of you will be caught up in this madness. Your life will be upended and your dreams temporarily smashed. But don’t be blindsided. Know what is going on, know your child, and never fail to protect the future you know he deserves.

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