Puerto Rico says #NoThankYou to Gender Ideology

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On August 14, 2021, tens of thousands of mothers, fathers, grandparents, clergy, and community members marched in San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, to protest a law that makes mandatory the teaching of gender ideology curriculum in the island’s public schools. The Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro R. Pierluisi Urrutia, had signed this law by executive order. This is the second time the government of Puerto Rico has attempted to implement gender ideology in the public-school curriculum. The first unsuccessful attempt was in 2015, and it prompted massive marches and protests from the public. This second attempt sparked a similar protest.

The success of the march was due to a unified coalition that included Catholics, Protestants, non-religious participants, family rights groups, and women’s rights organizations. The peaceful march started at the Capitol building and ended at the Governor’s Residence. Mr. Pierluisi didn’t meet with the group, but his secretary received a petition against the curriculum that had 129,000 signatures. The group requested to meet with the governor in person.

One of the speakers, Dr. Angie Gonzales, a psychologist, said that “today’s march is the expression of a people who are incensed by the dictatorial government of Pedro Pierluisi. Today’s march represents the uprising of a people who will not tolerate the violation of their rights and, above all, the commitment from thousands of parents and grandparents that we will not hand over our children to gender ideology. The teaching of gender ideology violates our Constitution, violates our parental rights, and affects the psychosexual development of children.”

The organizers of the march stated it was a success because it showed the governor the numbers of people with a wide range of values who oppose this curriculum as well as the depth of the rejection towards the imposition of gender ideology. It also brought awareness to the population that the secular media, which was notoriously absent, is completely sold to this ideology and determined to cancel their complaints. The march also increased other people’s consciousness to mobilize and join the fight.

The organizers may call for other marches but will now focus on teaching the citizens of Puerto Rico about their rights as citizens so that the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico will be followed. The Constitution guarantees that public school students will have a non-sectarian education and that parents have the right to raise their children according to their own values. Mr. Agustin Laje, an Argentinian political scientist in attendance, said that Puerto Rico is still on time to stop gender ideology in its territory. He also expressed that these marches show the political class that there are many votes for this position and that in a democracy one must pay close attention to what the majority thinks.

This post was written by an anonymous parent from Latin America.

Photo Credit: El Nuevo Dia

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