More story ideas for the New York Times to provide balance

Genspect sent the following email on Saturday to the New York Times about this article, Doctors Debate Whether Trans Teens Need Therapy Before Hormones, published on Thursday January 13, 2022.

Thank you for this article that came out this week – we at Genspect truly appreciate the New York Times starting to tell the complexity of this story.

We see it is getting a lot of traction on Twitter as well as 641 comments. Since these are all NYT subscribers, we hope you will note that the commentators are overwhelmingly on the side of assessment, therapy, caution, and watchful waiting when it comes to gender-questioning young people. 

Would you consider a followup story? Some things to include:

Finland since 2020 has prioritized psychotherapy for its gender-questioning youth under age 25 instead of medicalization

-Most youth gender clinics in Sweden since last year have halted medicalization of its gender-questioning minors under age 18 except in the case of clinical trials

-The UK NICE comprehensive literature reviews found the evidence for puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones in their words “very low” for efficacy and/or not enough strong long-term studies

Australia and New Zealand also recommend thorough assessment of gender dysphoric youth before medicalization

-A critical Swedish study about long-term trans mental health was corrected in 2020 with little publicity – it showed mental health does not improve after medicalization

-Trans people like Scott NewgentAaron KimberlyAaron Terrell, and Buck Angel have been speaking out to discuss the negative long-term effects of medicalization, the importance of biology, and the fact that they believe kids under 18 and possibly as old as 25 should wait to transition

-No one really knows how rare detransition is because there are very few studies on this population and as many as 75% do not return to their clinics to tell them they’ve detransitioned; the detrans subreddit now has almost 25,000 members (and literally growing by the week)

-The article contained an intimation of “conversion therapy” in Canada – we’re assuming this was a reference to Ken Zucker’s removal from CAMH – however, the followup to that story is that he sued for wrongful dismissal, won, and CAMH publicly apologized

-The UK has reported that clinicians are worried that many children visiting gender clinics are actually gay (studies show that as many as 80% of gender dysphoric children if not medicalized will grow comfortable with their body and realize they are gay)

Parents are beginning to speak out about their gender dysphoric children, a startling number of which have other mental health comorbidities

We would be happy to put you in touch with parents, detransitioners, and several of the trans people mentioned above for any investigative piece you might – and should and we would argue have a moral imperative to – do. Certainly this could be an investigative series.

Thank you again and all the best,


Image credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons, Michal Osmenda

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