Megyn Kelly interviews Genspect advisor Dr. Lisa Littman

Written by Genspect parent Lynn Chadwick.

In her first interview since leaving Brown University and publishing her new research on detransition, Dr. Lisa Littman spoke with Megyn Kelly on October 25, 2021. In 2018, Dr. Littman first published her findings about the phenomenon of social contagion in the skyrocketing rise of young women and girls seeking puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries. Since then, this surge has continued and, although not a formal diagnosis, is now commonly known as ROGD, or Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria. Lisa talked with Megan about her concerns around the safeguarding of children and young adults in gender medicine, the pushback her research received, her new study on the corresponding rise of detransitioned people, and why it is so difficult to have these conversations.

Megyn Kelly interviews Dr. Lisa Littman

On the lack of research, Dr. Littman says:

When the patient profile changes so dramatically, you need to ask, is this the same condition, or is this something else? Is this going to be helped by what we are doing, or are these patients going to be harmed by it? In other countries they are re-evaluating the evidence and finding that the evidence is not strong enough to defend these very significant interventions with permanent effects on youth. So they are taking a more cautious approach.”

-Dr. Lisa Littman

On social contagion:

“It’s plausible that a set of beliefs can be shared from person to person, and in groups, that… symptoms should be interpreted as gender dysphoria, proof of being transgender, (that) the only way to feel better is to transition, and the belief that anyone who disagrees with you is abusive, transphobic, or something like that. And it’s those sets of beliefs, in my opinion, that can definitely be shared person to person, and could lead a vulnerable kid to come to the conclusion that they are transgender and they need transition.”

-Dr. Lisa Littman

On her recent research on detransitioners:

“The science is not settled. In terms of talking about people in this study, more than half felt that the evaluation they got was not adequate before they transitioned…. There seems to be a lot of effort in not hearing the stories that would challenge the narrative, that some people are hurt.”

-Dr. Lisa Littman

Listen to the entire episode at:
The Megyn Kelly Show: Dr. Lisa Littman on Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, the Teen Trans Trend, and Intellectual Rigor | Ep. 188 on Apple Podcasts

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