Meet the Gender Giraffes!

DRUMROLL… You’ve already met the Gender Unicorn, the Genderbread Person and the Respectful Reindeer. These images are used to teach Gender Identity Theory to kids. We want to give teachers a less ideological alternative… so we’d like to introduce you to THE GENDER GIRAFFES!

Please share widely with teachers, schools, doctors, mental health professionals, and anyone else you think needs to see these beauties.

More and more schools are obliged by law to teach about gender. Countless reach out to Genspect, hoping we can recommend some realistic materials. Most teachers want the best for kids and worry about what they’re seeing.

Some boys aren’t macho; some girls aren’t girly. Gender stereotypes can harm young minds. That’s why the Gender Giraffes – unlike the Gender Unicorn – don’t mention “gender identity,” and only talk about gender expression. Tomboys are still girls; tomgirls are still boys!

Kids are also told that “sex is a spectrum” – which can turn people with DSDs into political cannon-fodder. Our giraffes explain sexual dimorphism, and avoid using complex and often traumatic conditions to justify an ideological stance. Find out more:

Identity is important, especially in formative years. But there’s more to identity than gender! We want to celebrate kids for what they DO, not how they identify. Bring on the nerds and the skaters! And let’s get kids to think more expansively about what makes you YOU…

Our giraffes are designed with young children in mind. We’re already working on the next in the series, which will be aimed at older children and teens. We’re dedicated to providing accurate and age-appropriate content to help teachers and parents give reliable info to kids.

It’s time to set these Gender Giraffes free to roam the savannahs of schooling! Please send them to anyone and everyone you can think of. Together, we can bring realism back into the classroom, and set kids up with a healthy view of what being a girl or a boy REALLY means.

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