Genspect’s Stella O’Malley and parents speak with House of Lords peer

Written by Genspect parent Jude from Australia.

On Friday 22 October 2021, I took part in a zoom webinar organised by Baroness Emma Nicholson of Winterbourne, a member of the UK House of Lords. The webinar was part of a Children & Women First weekly public meeting, entitled Children’s Safeguarding Today – Legalities in the UK.

Public Meeting 11 – Children’s Safeguarding Today – Legalities in the UK –  22nd October 2021

Also in attendance were Sonia Appleby (former child safeguarding lead at the Tavistock clinic), Mariela Neagu DPhil, Stella O’Malley, Graham Linehan, and two other parents, one from Canada and one from UK. Sonia and Mariela spoke about changes in British law regarding the rights of the child in legislation and law and the importance of focusing on the rights and dignity of the child, while Graham noted the money trail that follows gender ideology and the lies and fraud that have become commonplace in organisations that promote this ideology. He named children as the ones being seriously harmed by the lies perpetrated by gender ideology and spoke about the legacy of harm that will be left by the falsehoods that have cascaded throughout society. Stella discussed what lead her to establish Genspect, namely the need to respond to the growing concerns from parents of gender-confused children who feel that the “rights of children” to access gender-affirming care have taken precedence over the importance of maintaining the family unit and the efforts of these parents to prevent foreseeable harm to their children. I also briefly outlined my family’s experience, as did the two other parents.

It is clear that parents from all parts of the world are experiencing the same loss of parental rights and gaslighting that was my family’s experience. I was honoured to be asked to participate in this discussion and hope that more of these type of discourses will lead to raising awareness of the harms being done to a generation of young people all over the world by the immediate affirmation of our children’s feelings of gender incongruence.

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