Genspect parents speak the raw truth on Savage Minds

Two Genspect parents recently spoke the raw truth with Julian Vigo on the Savage Minds podcast.

Dee and Marie, two parents of children who have struggled with gender dysphoria, describe their experiences in dealing with the medical system and their children’s mental and physical health in light of the current, quite toxic climate for anyone who questions current orthodoxy and practices that are medicalising gender.

Covering their familial situation, the schools and medical practices for gender dysphoria, these two members of Genspect detail their struggles in addressing the practitioners and institutions that have buttressed gender ideology, and the reality behind rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD).

They also talk about the larger political framework within the USA, and the increase in children who are given a diagnosis of “gender dysphoria” by clinicians who fail to address — much less diagnose — comorbidities such as autism and other neurodivergent conditions, or social patterns such as the overrepresentation of adopted children who present with gender dysphoria.

With many thanks to Julian Vigo for continuing to highlight these vital stories.

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