Genspect parents say #NoThankYou

The recent debate around the participation of New Zealander transwoman Laurel Hubbard in the women’s weightlifting events at the 2020 Olympic Games – and the trending hashtag #NoThankYou – has inspired parents of gender-questioning children across New Zealand, Australia and the world beyond to say #NoThankYou too.

We parents admire the grace and dignity of the medallists in that event, who responded to a question from the media about their thoughts on Laurel Hubbard’s “historic” inclusion in their event with a prolonged silence, followed by a single phrase: “No Thank You.”

Like parents, these athletes have been silenced, unable to say what they really think about issues that affect their lives and careers. Well, we are all tired of being silenced, and so we are uniting and speaking out.

We are saying #NoThankYou:

#NoThankYou to immediate “affirmation” of our gender-questioning kids when there is no long-term evidence-base to support the affirmative approach.

#NoThankYou to the attempts to characterize us as unsupportive bigots and transphobes for asking reasonable questions and seeking improved care for their vulnerable kids.

#NoThankYou to the negligent behaviour of clinicians who ignore complex underlying issues such as autism, trauma, and mental illness in our kids.

#NoThankYou to experimental treatment paths, to cross-sex hormones on developing young bodies, and to irreversible surgeries for our kids while their identities are still forming.

#NoThankYou to the false claims by clinicians, the media, and society at large that these medical procedures are necessary, safe, and evidence-based.

We expect better for our kids, and we will keep fighting until we get it.Genspect parents say #NoThankYou.

This post was written by an anonymous Genspect parent. Thanks to AussiesJunkies for the clip.

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