Genspect parent talks with WRLN

Written by Genspect parent Lynn Chadwick.

Young people are declaring transgender identities in huge numbers, and there is much concern about the way in which these young people are being instantly affirmed and offered drastic irreversible medical treatments and surgery. Parents in particular are frightened, as they are routinely told that they must affirm their child’s new identity by teachers, physicians, therapists, and well-meaning friends and family members.

Genspect was formed and launched in June, 2021 to give a voice to parents. A forward-facing organization including physicians, therapists, and legal experts, the real engine behind Genspect is the parents. We exist to support parents in the movement to create open and reasonable discussion about our concerns about how the push toward rapid affirmation and medicalization of children and young people does not serve either children or their parents well.

At this point, most people know someone who has been directly affected by this movement. In reality, we are all affected by the indoctrination of our culture by a belief system that is normalizing gender confusion in children and young people.

I join Emily of WRLN for an interesting discussion about what I have learned through my years of supporting parents in this journey.

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