Congratulations, Sonia Appleby!

Stella O’Malley, Angus Fox, and everyone at Genspect wishes hearty congratulations to Sonia Appleby for successfully winning her whistleblower case against the Tavistock gender clinic in the UK! We thank her for her tireless work in trying to safeguard our gender-questioning British children.

The full judgement of the tribunal can be read here.

According to the Sunday Times:

Appleby, who started working at the trust in 2004 and is the safeguarding lead for children, was awarded damages for “significant” injury to her feelings in a judgment handed down by a central London employment tribunal on Friday.

A panel consisting of employment judge Sarah Goodman and two lay members concluded that the trust’s handling of the matter damaged Appleby’s “professional reputation” and “prevented her from proper work on safeguarding”.

The Guardian also reported on the story and quoted witness and former Tavistock and Portman consultant psychiatrist David Bell:

[I]t showed the Tavistock and Portman trust became “so caught up in the politicisation of the subject of gender identity it had lost sight of its duty to safeguard children.

“I think the judgment confirms the view that the trust are not capable of dealing objectively with things such as child safeguarding and the treatment of whistleblowers,” he said.

“Instead of properly investigating serious safeguarding issues they tried to suppress them and behaved inappropriately towards the person in charge of safeguarding across the trust as well as a number of other members of staff.”

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