Canadian newspapers start publishing balanced pieces

Against the backdrop of the Washington Post publishing The mental health establishment is failing trans kids, a groundbreaking article by top WPATH clinicians Dr. Laura Edwards-Leeper and Dr. Erica Anderson (a transwoman) on November 28, 2021 about the overall lack of proper and comprehensive assessment of gender-questioning youth seeking medicalization, several Canadian papers have followed suit in fulfilling one of the key tenets of the fourth estate: to be watchdogs.

The National Post on December 2, 2021 published an article by journalist Tom Blackwell entitled Canada ignoring concerns about early access to drugs and surgery for transgender teens: critics, which included interviews with Genspect advisor Aaron Kimberly as well as several detransitioners. The article was among the first in Canada to mention the major U-turn by Finland in prioritizing psychotherapy for its gender-questioning youth as well as Sweden halting the use of puberty blockers under the age of 18 except in the case of clinical trials.

[C]ritics complain that rather than explore the often-complex mental-health issues of young people who present as trans, health-care practitioners are too readily putting children on “puberty blockers” – drugs that “pause” the development of puberty – and then cross-sex hormones, followed often by reassignment surgery.

“We feel the health-care system has been completely taken over by a political agenda at the expense of the actual evidence,” argues Kimberly, who [also] runs the group Gender Dysphoria Alliance.

-Tom Blackwell, National Post

A year ago, Tom Blackwell also published two articles in the National Post on the topic, Canada’s teen transgender treatment boom: Life-saving services or dangerous experimentation? and ‘I feel angry’: Why some people regret and reverse their transgender decisions.

Similarly, in Quebec, the newspaper Le Devoir published on November 30, 2021 a letter by biology professor François Chapleau critical of an earlier pro-ideology article it had published. Here is an excerpt translated into English by a Genspect parent:

Gender is a concept related to the social feelings and stereotypes related to femininity and masculinity. Therefore, it is a fluid concept, specific to our species, and partly linked to sex. No matter how much a person of either sex tries to change their body through surgery, drugs or any other means, they will never become the other sex (i.e., they will never produce the gametes of the other sex).

-Professor François Chapleau

Taken with CTV W5’s documentary that aired in October 2021, Canadians can only hope that these pieces mark just the beginning of a shift to more balanced journalism in their country.

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