Canada Votes 2021: Parent opinions

Canada’s election is now less than a week away. As parents across the nation study the parties’ platforms and see which candidates have taken the pledge to safeguard gender-questioning children, how is this affecting their vote?

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“I have always voted Liberal and most recently for Justin Trudeau in the last federal election.  However, I cannot bring myself to vote Liberal this time because of the party’s refusal to protect our transgender-identifying youth.  At a time when many European countries are placing a pause on the affirmative care model, we are travelling down the path of affirmative care at an alarming rate, including the criminalization of exploratory talk therapy to help our children cope with their gender dysphoria. There is no science to support the affirmative care model, but a growing amount that questions its outcomes.  I feel that the Liberals have blinders on with respect to viewing the science behind this highly politicized psychological condition/recent social phenomenon. It is for this reason, that for the first time in my life I will be voting Conservative.  Words I thought I’d never write nor utter.” –Simcoe-Grey (Ontario)

“Despite living in a very conservative riding, I have always voted NDP for all federal and provincial elections. This will be the first time I will NOT vote NDP. And no way am I voting for the Liberals. PPC are the only ones that came out with a reasonable statement on gender dysphoria in youth. I don’t want to be a single-issue voter, but honestly, this is the issue that has taken over my life and the only thing important to me right now. Since Conservatives are sure to win my riding no matter what I do, I may just allow myself this rage-vote, even though there is almost nothing else I agree with PPC on.” –Calgary Heritage (Alberta)

“As a lifelong left-leaning voter, I never thought in a million years that I would vote PPC, but I am seriously considering it. I cannot stomach the general Green and NDP platforms on LGBT issues as far as it concerns children. The Liberals refuse to consider any nuance when it comes to Bill C-6 language, conflating ethical exploratory therapy with actual conversion therapy, which we all abhor. Even the Conservatives seem fairly wishy-washy on the issue most related to my family (medicalization of gender-questioning kids). Although I have always voted Liberal, this time I will either vote Conservative or PPC as a protest.” –University-Rosedale (Ontario)

“I am a single issue voter this election, and how the next government will handle the issues brought on by gender ideology is extremely important to me. I have never voted Conservative, but I am considering it. The Liberals want to reintroduce Bill C-6 and extend the ban to adults. The NDP also want to reintroduce Bill C-6 and in addition want to increase access to gender medicine and have it covered by provincial health plans. I have spoken to my incumbent Liberal MP, who acted unaware when I spoke about the rise in trans-identified youth, the chilling effect Bill C-6 will have on therapists, males transferring to women’s prisons, the harm of Bill-16, and the erosion of women’s sex-based rights. My concerns were dismissed as non-inclusive. The Conservatives have acknowledged the issues with Bill C-6 in their platform and have pledged to address it.” –Etobicoke-Lakeshore (Ontario)

“I’m voting PPC because Conservative, Liberal, and NDP parties are all one now. And slowly taking away our freedom. Besides, Max Bernier is the only one who aligns with what I believe in terms of freedom and against certain agendas like those of radical LGTBQ activists.” –Coquitlam-Port Coquitlam (BC)

“I have always considered myself a ‘lefty/progressive.’ I still do, but I now am a political orphan. I cannot vote for a so-called progressive political party that endorses Bill C-6 (anti-scientific), Bill C-16 (harmful to women’s rights… therefore going against the ideal of equality) or Bill C-10 (an “anti-hate” bill possibly dangerous to free speech). Equality and a better distribution of wealth are still values dear to my heart but so are rationality and truth seeking. I never thought I could possibly agree on anything with Maxime Bernier. Now, in light of his position on Bill C-6 and Bill C-16, I’m forced to admit that even a broken clock is right twice a day. I never thought I would seriously consider voting for the Conservative party that I half jokingly used to describe as ‘the baddies.’ I used to live in a riding which heavily voted for the NDP — and I was one of those voters – but now that I have moved my representative is a Liberal. And I am so angry that the Liberal representative supported Bill C-6 claiming that it would protect people like her gay son, when this Bill may prevent my bisexual daughter from getting the psychological help she needs. E. Brière will never, ever, get my vote:  if she understands the ramifications of Bill C-6, she is complicit a a medical scandal in the making, if she doesn’t she’s just incompetent. Either way, I will not vote Liberal. As for the Bloc, I’m conflicted. The Bloc sees the ban on conversion therapy as a provincial issue — and rightly so. But the Bloc supported the Liberals on Bill C-6.  I may still vote for the Bloc, but it all depends on whether the Bloc’s candidate position on free speech and if she ‘gets’ that homosexuality and trans are different matters that require different types of protection.” –Sherbrooke (Quebec)

“In the past federal elections I have looked at the different parties and who was leading them. I have looked at the issues that were important to me and for the country as a whole at that time.  That’s how I’ve always voted – I look at each party’s platform on those issues and vote accordingly. I have voted Conservative. I have voted Liberal. I have voted NDP. It all depends on the relevant issues and their platforms. There have even been times I have simply destroyed my ballot by writing “we can do better” or “you are all cheats and liars” on the ballot with a black sharpie (or silver – I bring both as colour of ballot changes). This year I will be voting PPC.  This decision is based strictly on their platform on Gender Identity and the need for better language around conversation therapy with the criminalization of exploratory talk therapy for gender dysphoria. The PPC has a clear stance on this and a clear plan on what they will do.  Conservatives are vague and noncommittal, while Liberals, NDP and Green Party are pandering to activists. Children are being caught up in and medicalized as a result of a flawed theory and ideology that is being taught in school as fact and is being immersed in our laws. The PPC gets my vote.” –Simcoe-Grey Riding (Ontario)

“When I checked the party platforms, I realized that I could either follow my usual socially liberal values or I could vote to prevent other kids like mine from being permanently destroyed by transactivist ideology masquerading as social justice in health care. Now my vote will rest entirely on which party is most likely to scrutinize the definition of ‘conversion therapy’ and conclude that it does NOT include watchful waiting and psychotherapy in gender-confused young people.” –Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas (Ontario)

“I’ve always voted Liberal for over 40 years, but since the local MLA decided not to even acknowledge my concern over trans healthcare, I’m voting strategically. I’m tired of healthcare issues being sneaked in like the approach to Bill-C6, which really required a large public information session and evidence. We have a major health crisis for trans health care, and it’s blatantly being avoided and covered up. The Liberals have demonstrated loyalty means nothing.” –Nova Scotia

“I heard someone say recently that when there is an imminent threat to your child, everything else ceases to be important. Up until eight months ago, my main concern for my child/children was the threat of climate change. Now I am considering voting for the only party that has a pitiful climate platform. The only party which is publicly acknowledging and standing up to the pervasive, destructive threat of an ideology which endangers the health, safety, and future of our children and obliterates the rights of women. I’ve voted for Trudeau before. Now as a woman I feel completely betrayed. I’ve also voted NDP, who are now promising to double down on the promotion of policies and legislation that will continue to wreak serious harm to women and children and are threatening the hard-won gains of gays and lesbians. This time, I will not vote for these parties. I will remember their contributions to this outrageous miscarriage of justice.” –London West (Ontario)

“Definitely a PPC vote for us this year. I can’t believe our current government’s abuse of depressed, anxiety-ridden, locked-down, traumatized, gender-confused kids – which is to medicate them after two visits to a doctor and without parental consent from age 12. What government would allow that? If we really love our children, we will give them the mental health supports they need, not amputate their breasts nor ban non-affirming but ethical exploratory counselling first for their underlying issues.” –Don Valley North (Ontario)

Photo credit: Andre Furtado, Pexels

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