BREAKING: Texas gender clinic shuttered

Written by Genspect parent Lynn Chadwick.

The GENECIS (GENder Education and Care Interdisciplinary Support) clinic in Dallas, Texas has been closed in response to public pressure by advocacy groups. According to a recent article by Marin Wolf and Lauren McGaughy in The Dallas Morning News entitled Dallas hospitals erase references to Genecis health care program for transgender children, “[t]wo leading Dallas hospitals have changed how they manage care for transgender youth, removing all references to a pioneering care program from a website…. New patients will be seen in the appropriate specialty departments, and coordination of care continues to be available, including support from social work….”

According to Will Maddox reporting in D Magazine/Healthcare Business, a local conservative group called on the hospital to shut the clinic down:

In September, conservative advocacy group Save Texas Kids called on state officials to investigate Children’s Health because of its treatment of transgender children. “The Board members of Dallas Children’s refuse to promise they will limit ‘gender dysphoria’ patients under 18 to therapy only!” the group wrote on its Facebook page. “That is our only ask. Children and young teens look for belonging and identity throughout their youth. This is normal. What is not normal is allowing children to undergo irreversible ‘Puberty blocking therapy’, which is akin to chemical castration. We demand the Genecis clinic cease this practice at once.”

-Will Maddox

The clinic never offered gender-altering surgery but used hormone treatments to delay puberty, which the clinic says is a reversible process (although this claim of reversibility has been refuted). Now the comprehensive care will be divided between specialist groups at the hospital for existing patients. New patients won’t receive hormone treatment, though existing patients won’t have their treatment interrupted.

The Dallas Morning News article reported this about the governor: “Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican running for reelection next year, also asked the state family services agency to determine whether providing gender-affirming care to a trans minor was tantamount to child abuse.’

The two hospitals that ran the program cited no reason for the change nor responded to requests for interviews. In a prepared statement, they said: “The choice to remove branding for this care offers a more private, insulated experience for patients and their families.”

Does this mean that what is happening to gender-questioning youth seeking care in Texas will be under an even more opaque and mysterious process?

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