Colleges and universities welcome many gender non-conforming students, providing a wonderful opportunity to celebrate diversity and uniqueness, empower young people to transcend stereotypes, and encourage everyone to be themselves.

Guidelines and outcomes related to gender care are changing rapidly. Is your institution prepared to address these current and future challenges, and maintain evidence-based and supportive services for everyone?


  • You May Ask Yourself, How Did We Get Here? — Stella O’Malley, psychotherapist & author
  • Under the Trans Umbrella — Aaron Kimberley, Transgender Mental Health RN
  • The College Student’s Developing Brain — Julia Mason, MD
  • The Biology of Cross-Sex Hormones — Paul Hruz MD PhD, Professor of Pediatric Endocrinology
  • Federal Guidelines, Regulatory Compliance & Litigation Risks — Ernest Trakas, Attorney
  • The Detransitioner Experience — Special Presenter

Friday April 8th

1:00-4:00 EST



Stella O'Malley
Stella O’Malley

is an Irish psychotherapist, author, frequent media contributor, and founder of several organizations focused on gender issues affecting youth, young adults, and their families.

Julia Mason
Julia Mason

has over 25 years of experience treating a diverse population of youth, with a special interest in ADHD and adolescent medicine.

Aaron Kimberley
Aaron Kimberley

is an RN specializing in transgender mental health. He has the lived experience of having gender dysphoria since early childhood, which led to his medical transition as an adult.

Ernest Trakas
Ernest Trakas

has 40+ years of legal experience, with the last 20 years focused on Civil Rights, including litigating race and gender-based employment and education cases in US District Courts.

Paul Hruz
Paul Hruz

is Associate Professor of Pediatrics & Endocrinology at Washington University School of Medicine. His focus includes endocrine treatment and proper care of Gender Diverse persons.

Special Presenter
Special Presenter

Our anonymous guest speaker describes her journey from female to male back to female,
with a message of clarity, caution, and compassion for those providing transgender care.

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