We’re always on the lookout for the tales less told.

For those who are satisfied with the current “affirmative” approach to gender, plenty of media outlets provide platforms. But for those who have had a less positive experience, it’s often hard to get heard.

We want to hear from people who have something different to say. Whether you’re a detransitioner, an ambivalent or regretful trans person, a parent, a relative, a therapist, a doctor, a politician, a teacher, a journalist, or simply someone who shares Genspect’s concerns and ethos, we’re interested.

We can anonymise any story you submit to us in order to protect your identity, as well as providing any graphics you might need. Please note that we reserve the right to edit your submission to bring it in line with our in-house style, to ensure that it stays on topic, and to keep it to an appropriate length.

Get started by emailing us via the button below. Our editorial team will endeavour to get back to you in good time once your submission has been received.

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