More and more schools are incorporating gender issues into their curriculum. Often, the national regulatory picture requires schools to teach children about gender alongside other themes, such as sexuality, mental health, and bullying. Schools are also noticing the growing numbers of young people questioning their own gender, and they want to do the right thing.

However, gender is often taught in such a way that centers gender ideology, pushing the notion that “we all have a gender identity”, and placing excess emphasis on issues of transgenderism. Because Genspect believes that young people’s options should not be foreclosed, we have launched our own Schools Program on gender and sexuality.

As well as releasing freely available and age-appropriate materials for schools, we provide training courses for school communities. We are able to offer both staff training and educational packages for students, led by our Director and Founder, Stella O’Malley. These packages focus on biological reality and the rights of children to explore their identities freely, and without medical intervention.

Our content is informed from a biopsychosocial perspective: we believe that it is important to acknowledge the development of identity over time. The topics we cover include:

  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Mental health
  • Internet use
  • Social transition
  • Medical transition
  • Bullying
  • The rights of the child
  • The rights of the parent
  • The role of the educator and the school community

If you’d like to find out more about this service, please email us by clicking the button below, telling us about your school and what kind of training you are interested in.

Some testimonials from talks with Genspect Founder, Stella O’Malley

I’m blown away by this, so much great advice can we have part 2 please!!! She is lovely and so honest with no nonsense!! Thanks all and congratulations on a most successful talk .

Stella’s talk was fascinating; packed with practical information and startling insights into human behaviour. I’d recommend this talk to anyone.

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