Some people feel distressed about their transition. Many others feel more ambivalent.

Some detransition. Others may not physically detransition, but their minds have detransitioned: they’ve moved on from an ideology that led them to believe they could become another person, and they’ve come to realise that this ideology can cause harm.

While there’s plenty of support for the happily transitioned, there’s not much out there for those who’ve been let down by the healthcare profession. The sense of disenchantment can be hard to bear.

We launched ‘Beyond Transition’ to meet the specific needs of detransitioners, as well as those who are in a more uncertain space. We believe it’s time that the varying needs of different groups are offered comprehensive help.

What we offer:

Subsidised one-to-one therapy sessions

We fund therapy for anyone who is ‘Beyond Transition’, meaning that you only need to pay a small token amount per session. Working with organisations such as GETA, we’ll liaise with you to find you an appropriate therapist, making sure the treatment you receive is helpful and sustainable. Effective therapy offers more than simplistic ‘affirmation’: it offers a therapeutic process that encourages insight and self-awareness. We don’t think cost should be a barrier.

Free therapeutic support groups

Run by Sophie Frost (of Genspect and Life Detransitions), we provide free therapeutic support groups, conducted via Zoom. These give you the chance to process your experiences, hear from those who have similar experiences, and develop strategies for positive change. Free therapeutic support groups are currently available every second Saturday at 6pm UK time.

Free Professional Development Services

Need your CV snazzing up? A trial run for an interview? Or perhaps some guidance on where your career should be going? Our free Professional Development Services help you to figure out your future, whether you’re entering the job market or applying for further education.

Free Life Skills Courses

Some people feel they lost valuable life skills when they were lost in transition. This programme offers practical and psychoeducational support related to career mentoring, healthcare, self-care, money management or inter-personal dynamics. Genspect’s Life Skills Courses are free, open access seminars providing you with the tools you need to move forward. Sign up for our special mailing list to make sure you’re in the loop: we’ll let you know what’s coming up.

Beyond Transition Hangouts

Sometimes, you just need to be with others who ‘get it’: therapy isn’t for everyone, and it certainly isn’t for every day. Beyond Transition hangouts take place every other week, and provide informal, non-therapeutic Zoom spaces where you can meet new people, see new perspectives, and become part of a wider community.

Get paid to publish on

We want the world to hear about your experiences. That’s why we’ve committed to pay a fee every time we publish a submission written by someone who is Beyond Transition. And if writing isn’t your medium, we pay for video submissions, too.

Help us see the bigger picture

We’re gathering information about transition and detransition, so we can understand as much as possible about these under-researched phenomena – especially from a legal and medical point of view. If you’d like to tell us about your trajectory, and the treatment you received, please reach out to us: everything you tell us is in confidence.

Wellness Retreat

Sometimes, it’s the internet that’s the problem: we’re all glued to the screen, and it’s hard to form genuine connections. Our pilot Wellness Retreat is open to everyone from the Great Lakes and Midwest area: we’ll subsidise your travel and accommodation, giving you a chance to meet kindred spirits, engage in healing activities, and find your centre – without the pixels. Get in touch to register your interest.

Work with professionals to find a bigger audience

If you want to speak to the wider public, we can put you in contact with professionals who can help – whether it’s print, radio or TV journalists, or a professional ghost-writer who can work with you to write a manuscript to pitch to a book publisher. More and more people want to hear about your experience: if you’re ready, we can share your voice.

Beyond Transition Game Night

A community isn’t just united by its hardship: there should always be room to have some fun! Our Discord game nights, held every other week, give you an opportunity to connect with like-minded people over Jackbox party games. Gender doesn’t even need to come into it.

As we learn more about life beyond transition, our community will grow. And we’d love you to join us.

You’ll be helping us to raise public awareness of the medical and other challenges facing an under-served cohort. You’ll also receive email updates, notifications of coming events, and have the chance to join our Community Forum.

For those who choose to get involved in a variety of projects, there will be an opportunity to join our internal working group. You’ll be able to liaise with other Genspecters, work on existing projects – and perhaps even start your own! 

Also, don’t forget to follow us on social media: we’re available on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Need help now?

If you are in immediate need, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’ll do what we can to help.

Donate to Beyond Transition

If you would like to help make Beyond Transition a sustainable programme for those in need, please do consider making a recurring monthly donation to Genspect via PayPal. Your generous gift will enable us to continue running the initiatives above – and changing lives in the process.

Why we started Beyond Transition

Ever since our launch in June 2021, Genspect made the decision to work both with trans people, and with detransitioners. We’re aware that many detrans people still have friends in the trans community, and are understandably sceptical about the public discourse around trans issues.

In many cases, those who are dissatisfied with transition may not wish to re-enter the arduous process of detransitioning. No-one should be pressured to go back into the same healthcare system which disappointed them in the first place.

As our organisation grew, the absence of provision for desisters, detransitioners and disenchanted trans people became ever more critical. We came to realise that the label “detransition” did not capture the growing dissatisfaction with the many challenges pertaining to transition, and that it was not just detransitioners who needed a voice.

So on March 12th, 2022, we hosted a Detrans Awareness Day webinar, where detransitioners could speak about their own experiences, in their own words. You can watch the entire event here:

Or watch selected clips:

Hearing these testimonies, we decided to prioritise those who have been so badly let down by the healthcare system. Beyond Transition is the result of that decision: and we’re determined to create a change for the better.

The Team

Stella O’Malley

Genspect Founder, author and psychotherapist

Sophie Frost

Psychotherapist specialising in detransition; Genspect advisor

Dr. Julia Mason

Pediatrician and Genspect Team member

Dr. Joe Burgo

Clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst

Sinéad Watson

Genspect Team member

Helena Kerschner

Genspect Team member

Michelle Alleva

Genspect Team member


We’ve curated this list of resources with you in mind. Browse at your leisure, or navigate using the links below.

Don’t forget to check out our sister website, Stats for Gender. With specific sections on desistance and detransition, Stats for Gender gives you the facts you need about life beyond transition.

Organisations & Communities



Elizabeth Hawker: Autism, Puberty, and Gender Dysphoria – The view from an autistic desisted woman

Jesse Singal: When Children Say They’re Trans

Joan McFadden: Transition Caused More Problems Than It Solved

Katherine Burnham: Dysphoria and Disintegration in Women who are ‘Too Much’

Katie Herzog: The Detransitioners – They were Transgender Until They Weren’t

Laura Dodsworth: The detransitioners

Lisa Marchiano: The project of a lifetime – A therapist’s letter to a trans-identified teen

Lisa Selin Davis: One Desister’s Tale – On the overlap between autism and gender dysphoria

Lisa Selin Davis: The Mainstream Media Needs to Talk About Detransitioners

Stella O’Malley: The Arc of Detransition

Sue & Marcus Evans: Gender Transition and Desistance in Teenage Girls: Two Psychotherapeutic Case Studies

Interviews & Videos


60 Minutes Australia – Transgender boy transitioning to life as girl changes his mind

Blocked and Reported Podcast – Episode 50, with Carey Callahan

Dangerous Speech Podcast – With Helena | With Sinéad

Dishcast with Andrew Sullivan – With Buck and Helena

Academic Papers

Elie Vandenbussche: Detransition-Related Needs and Support: A Cross-Sectional Online Survey

Ken Zucker: The myth of persistence

Lisa Littman: Individuals Treated for Gender Dysphoria with Medical and/or Surgical Transition Who Subsequently Detransitioned

Lisa Marchiano: Gender detransition – a case study

Pablo Expósito-Campos: A Typology of Gender Detransition and Its Implications for Healthcare Providers

Books & Booklets

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